Elective “sneak peek” Ultrasound

During pregnancy, you will have a number of ultrasounds based on indications. The scan to determine the gestational age is performed between 10-11 weeks of pregnancy. The Anomaly scan will take place around 20 weeks.

If you want to see your baby during pregnancy without a medical indication, it's called a "pretecho" (elective ultrasound).

An elective ultrasound is not a medically diagnostic examination, and no search for abnormalities in the mother or child is conducted. It is done upon your own request and is not covered by the Health Insurance. Occasionally, the sonographer might accidentally come across a (suspected) anomaly. You can specify before the examination whether you want to be informed about this or not. The choice is yours, and the sonographer will note this in your file. 

Neither Echopunt nor the sonographer can be held accountable for any abnormalities found later in pregnancy. Pronounces made during or after the ultrasound should not be interpreted as a medical assessment. The medical responsibility for the pregnancy remains with the attending midwife/doctor.