Elective ultrasound in 3/4D

An elective ultrasound in 3/4D can provide a very clear image of your baby. If your baby cooperates and shows itself well, you might even recognize something of yourself or your partner.

The quality of the ultrasound images depends on the amount of amniotic fluid, the position of your baby, and sometimes your Body Mass Index (BMI).

If you opt for this ultrasound, it's good to know that the most optimal time is between 25 and 29 weeks of pregnancy. After 30 weeks, your baby is already so big that chances of obtaining good ultrasound images are quite small. Therefore, we advise against choosing a 3/4D ultrasound after the 30th week of your pregnancy. 

We will place the images of the ultrasound on an Echopunt USB stick. 

Elective ultrasound 3/4D (30 min) € 117.50
(Echopunt USB stick included)
Paymnent by card only.

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This ultrasound is non-medical, we will not look for any abnormalities. Echopunt nor the sonographer can be held accountable for abnormalities found in later medical exams. If there are any known abnormalities, please tell your sonographer beforehand. Pronounces that been made during or after the ultrasound can not be taken as medical advice. The medical responsibility stays with your midwife and/or doctor.