Elective “sneak peek” Ultrasound

During your pregnancy you can get several ultrasounds. Some of them on indication, some of them at your own request. The determination scan will usually take place between 10 and 11 weeks. Around week 20 of your pregnancy the 20-week scan or the Anomaly scan will take place.

Would you like to take a look at your baby without referral? You can by means of an elective ultrasound or ‘pretecho’

The elective ultrasounds are not covered by your health insurance. It is also non-medical, so we will not look for any abnormalities with your baby nor the mother. Neither Echopunt or the sonographer can be held accountable for any abnormalities found later in pregnancy.

Pronounces that been made during or after the ultrasound can not be taken as medical advice. The medical responsibility stays with your midwife and/or doctor.

At Echopunt you can get the following elective ultrasounds:

2D Gender determination scan

2D Ultrasound during any stage of pregnancy