Corona virus


For current information please check RIVM website.

Do you have an appointment with us? Please read the following information below.

  • You are allowed to bring one adult to the ultrasound examination, children are not allowed. 
  • A medical facemask (Type II) is mandatory at Echopunt. You will have to wear a facemask during the scan because we cannot maintain 1.5 meter distance. You can purchase a facemask at the reception €1,00. 
  • If you experience: nasal cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, light cough, slight temperature (up to 38 degrees Celsius) please use a self-test prior to your appointment. Positive result; you can reschedule your appointment.  Negative result; the appointment remains.
  • If your partner experiences any of the symptoms than please come alone.  
  • Come to your appointment on time to avoid too many people in the waiting area. 
  • Please wash your hands prior to the ultrasound. Soap and water available in waitingroom. 
  • Keep 1,5 mtrs distance. 

We thank you for your coöperation and understanding.